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What steps should I take after a car crash to file a claim?


A question that we often get posed is, “What are the general first steps for a car crash claim?” The first thing to do is get documentation of the incident, be it through a police report or photographs taken on a cell phone. It’s most important that the crash gets documented. After that, we generally have a period of time in which you seek treatment. After culmination of treatment, we usually begin the dialogue with the insurance companies or whoever is handling the claim on behalf of any municipalities or cities.After a Car Crash
After that point, if we are presented with a reasonable offer, the client ultimately decides whether or not to proceed with the claim. If we are unsatisfied with an offer for settlement, we will initiate litigation. Once we initiate litigation, which you began by filing a lawsuit, you begin what’s called the discovery phase of litigation, which is the formal exchange of information. It is at that point that your case is formally geared up for trial. In securing a trial lawyer from the outset of your case, you can guarantee, that your case is being geared up for trial from the very inception.

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