After a Dog Bite

Were you seriously attacked by a dog and now suffering from injuries? Watch this video to find out the steps to take after a dog bite to protect your rights.

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What should I do after a dog bite?


We handle a fair amount of dog bite and dog attack cases here at the firm. The main question that we get asked is, “What do I do after a dog bite or dog attack?” There are several steps, the first of which is to do your best to alert the owner that an incident has occurred. It’s not a bad idea to try to take photographs of the dog, and the injuries that you believe are related to that attack as close in time to when the attack happened. It’s also not a bad idea to get animal control on the line and ask animal control to come down there. They’ll usually do a report, and that will indicate ownership of the dog.After a Dog BiteOther important questions to ask the owner are, “Has the dog had their shots?” and, “Has the dog been vaccinated?” This leads us to the next thing that we recommend you do, which is treat and get medical attention as immediately as possible, as well as following your doctor’s advice.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured after being attacked by a dog and have questions about what to do after a dog bite?
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