Attorney Tim Vrastil


Tim Vrastil

About Tim:

Tim Vrastil a former Executive Officer on a Green Beret “A” Team who has come to the Plaintiff side of personal injury after working for the defense for 35 years. He began law school while working as an aircraft mechanic before going on to be a Claims Attorney for the Association Aviation Underwriters, where he supervised litigation of aircraft related lawsuits. Following his departure from the AAU, he began working for a series of defense firms in regards to personal injury cases, and he refined his skills as house counsel while at Childers and Dickenson. After refining his skills, he began to practice defense work as a solo practitioner. In 2015, he met Mindy Bish, who encouraged him to look at the Plaintiff side of cases, and he has been a Plaintiff attorney ever since.

Tim has a unique perspective due to his previous experience as a defense attorney, which he uses at Bish & Cutting, APC to fight for injured Plaintiffs. He is currently engaged with the Keenan Trial Institute, where he is learning more and more about how to fight for those who have been injured at the hands of others. Tim has since opened a Bish & Cutting, APC office in El Segundo, where he currently practices on behalf of injured staff.


  • Northrop University School of Law – Juris Doctor