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Construction Injury Claim Value

Were you injured on a job site? Watch this video to find out how construction injury case value is determined, and what you could win.
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How can I determine the value of my construction injury claim?


Just the other day, a young lady came into my office and we were discussing her construction claim. She asked me what the value of her case was. This was very early in the beginning of her case. If you are to ask me this,I will tell you that the value of your case will depend on many factors. One is the gravity of the injury. A broken leg is different than a broken pinkie finger. Another thing that will affect the value of your claim is the extent of the injury. Will you recover from your injuries fully, or is it a life-long injury? How egregious was the conduct of your employer? Did the employer do something really horrible that injured you, or was this just a matter of somebody simply making a mistake? Construction Injury Case ValueThe amount of medical treatment you receive affects the value of your case. Whether or not you can return to your employment affects the value of your case. Some people need to be fully retrained and go into a completely different career because of their injuries. That will also affect the value of your case. Quite often, initially at the beginning, we cannot really tell the full value of your case. It takes time and the expertise of medical professionals to help us determine that.

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