Ignoring Doctor’s Orders

Were you injured by a medical professional and now ignoring doctor’s orders to get better? Watch this video to learn how this can hurt your claim.

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How will not following the doctors orders affect my claim?


A young woman came into my office and she had a surgery and she believed that the doctor didn’t do his job correctly and made her worse. However, she also told me that she didn’t follow all of the doctor’s instructions and she wanted to know if that would destroy her claim.Ignoring Doctor's Orders I explained to her that, although you should always follow your doctor’s advice and orders and take care of yourself, that will not defeat your right to any sort of recovery for medical malpractice that has been committed. It can, however, certainly affect the amount of money damages that you’re entitled to recover. Although it’s very important to follow doctor’s orders, the fact that you didn’t will not defeat your right in its entirety, but it certainly can lessen the value of your claim.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured due to the fault of a medical professional and have questions about how ignoring doctors’ orders might impact your claim?
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