Medical Malpractice Settlement Timeline

Do you have questions about the medical malpractice settlement timeline? Watch this video to find out how long it may take to recover compensation.

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How long will it take for a medical malpractice case to settle?


A young man came into our office and believed he was injured through a doctor’s medical negligence. He had a large hiatal hernia and the hernia burst, and it caused a lot of problems and damage. He wanted to know how long it would take his case to resolve. I explained to him medical malpractice claims are a little different than average claims in that you have to file a suit within one year. For most personal injury claims you have two years, but for medical malpractice actions, you only have one year. You also have to put the doctors on notice that you are filing the claim against them.Medical Malpractice Settlement Timeline
Additionally, many doctors have arbitration agreements in the papers that you sign with them, so instead of going to court and having a trial in a courtroom, quite often, many of these cases are sent to what’s called arbitration. Arbitrations can be a lot quicker or a lot slower than a regular trial, depending on the arbitrator, the number of parties, and how quickly discovery can be conducted. There’s no hard and fast rule, although most claims can and should be resolved somewhere between one and four years.

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