Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Crash

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Another question that I tend to get asked is, “What are some common mistakes that people make in pursuing their personal injury claim?” There are two or three that come to mind. The first is probably minimizing your own injuries and suspecting that they’ll just go away over time and waiting too long to seek medical care. Another common mistake is when people do seek medical care, generally close in time to the incident, but they don’t follow through on their doctor’s advice, meaning a doctor may say, “Thanks for coming in. I need you to get x-rays. I’m going to recommend a round of physical therapy,” or “I’m going to recommend that you go see a chiropractor.” The mistake being you don’t get it done or you get it done much later in time than they should have been done.Mistakes to Avoid After a Car CrashFinally, another mistake that comes to mind is an injured victim thinking that they can handle the claim on their own without the advice or guidance of an experienced injury attorney. Car injury attorneys have experience, or very likely have experience, with the exact same claim that you’re walking in the door with. It’s a good idea to retain an experienced car injury attorney, preferably one who has experience taking cases like yours to trial.

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