Pedestrian Injury Compensation

If you have been struck by a vehicle while walking, you may be eligible for pedestrian injury compensation. Contact our experienced Newhall pedestrian injury attorneys to schedule a free consultation today. Here is what you need to know.

Pedestrian Injury Compensation | Causes

Causes of the pedestrian injuries where the car driver is at fault include:

  • A driver failing to yield to you. It does not matter if you were in a marked cross walk or not. They have to yield to you.
  • A driver zipping around the person in front of them (who was yielding to you) and ends up hitting you.
  • A driver going up onto a sidewalk or failing to yield for you when you’re walking across a driveway or parking lot.
  • A driver stopping in the middle of the crosswalk, forcing you to move into harm’s way to get around them.
  • A driver speeding and not being able to stop on time before hitting you.

The incident where the pedestrian is at fault is:

  • Jaywalking

You can clearly see that there are far many more circumstances that put the driver at fault in these pedestrian injuries. Most crashes happen in areas without a marked crosswalk, but that does not necessarily keep you from getting compensation. Our Newhall pedestrian injury attorneys will find out what rule the driver broke that caused them to hit you. From there, we can focus on going after their insurance company to get you the compensation you need.

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Pedestrian Injury Compensation | Recovering Damages

You will be seeking compensation from the person who caused your injuries. There is an instance in which you might not be able to find the liable party. If you were involved in a hit and run, unfortunately you are going to have to fall back on your own insurance if you have no way of identifying that driver. Fortunately, it’s not impossible to find the driver. There are ways to discover who this is. Call us right away and we can help you find them.

In most cases, you will be going after one person’s insurance company seeking compensation. In California, you are allowed to get compensation even if you are found to be partially at fault for the injuries. We follow pure comparative negligence rules for collisions. That is a term to describe how anyone at fault can receive some compensation. Even if you are 50% or more at fault, you are not barred from pursuing a claim.

If you were seriously injured in a pedestrian crash, please call our Newhall pedestrian injury attorneys at Bish & Cutting, APC today. She has the experience you need to get your full and fair compensation. There is not unlimited time to get your claim rolling, so please contact our office today!