Prepare for Medical Malpractice with these 3 Tips

Prepare for Medical Malpractice with these 3 TipsWere you or a loved one injured by a doctor and have questions on the next step? Let us help you prepare for medical malpractice with these 3 tips. Then call us to schedule your free consultation!

1. Don’t Wait

The other day, a lady contacted our office. She believed that she had been injured through her doctor’s negligence. She had some ongoing health problems and conditions that she was certain was related to some of the advice given to her by her doctors. However, the problem was that it had been nine months since she had been given that advice. Here in California, you only have one year to file a claim against a doctor for any sort of perceived medical malpractice. By waiting nine months, she effectively cut off anyone’s ability to get records and investigate the claim, and make a decision or a determination about whether the doctor did commit malpractice, before having to file. This is a common mistake that many people make; they wait too long to find an attorney.

2. Understand Who You’re Hiring

Another mistake people make is they will just hire any attorney off the street, somebody that’s not necessarily really familiar with medical malpractice claims and how they work. That can also work against you in that things can take longer than they should, cases do not get worked up like they should, and so you end up putting less in your pocket at the end of the day.

3. Do Not Speak with Doctor’s Insurance Representative

The other day, a young man contacted our office. He believed that he was injured through his doctor’s malpractice. The doctor’s insurance company wanted to speak with him, and he contacted our office first and asked if I thought that he should give them a recorded statement. I explained to him that the insurance companies for the doctors are not interested in him; they don’t really care whether or not he’s been injured. Their whole job and purpose is to try and minimize the value of his claim and to try and defeat any sort of claim he might have. I explained to him that it is never wise or safe to speak with any insurance representative for the doctors.

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