Types of Bicycle Crashes

Types of Bicycle Crashes

When you hear the term “bicycle accident,” you’ll probably think about a motor vehicle crashing into a cyclist. There are many types of bicycle crashes, including those caused by pedestrians and bad road conditions, that can result in compensation for the injured party. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation if you have been seriously injured in a bicycle accident. In the meantime, here is some information about the different types of bicycle crashes.

Types of Bicycle Crashes | Causes

If you are a cyclist in Southern California, you will know how frustrating it is to ride in the city. It certainly is dangerous and Los Angeles is the deadliest city in America for these types of injuries. While the city is attempting to improve bike lanes, it’s slow moving. Drivers in any big city, particularly this one, are in a big hurry to get where they’re going and are often careless.

Some examples of the causes of these injuries include:

  • Drivers unlawfully using the bike lane
  • Drivers throwing open their door in front of a cyclist
  • Pedestrians stepping into the bike lane
  • Distracted, drowsy, or drunk driving
  • Bad road conditions

That last cause is an interesting one, because at that point, you might be bringing a claim against the city of Los Angeles because of the road conditions. These cases are very particular and you should get to our Newhall bicycle injury lawyers right away to discuss what needs to happen because you may have less time to get this claim together.

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Types of Bicycle Crashes | Unsafe Roadways

If your bicycle injury occurred as a result of a pothole, uneven pavement, sidewalk, or concrete, the claim depends on where the incident happened. The answer is yes, you do have a claim. The issue is determining who is responsible; that can be a private landowner, if it happened on a sidewalk where they made alterations to the sidewalk without government approval. Most sidewalks are controlled and operated by the municipality where you were in. Just because the incident did not happen with another car, but it happened on a sidewalk or on the street, does not prevent you from having a claim. The issue is just determining who the claim should be made against, which governs how much time we have to make that claim.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a bicycle crash, and you want competent legal representation, please call our lawyer today. Our experienced Newhall bicycle injury lawyers are here to help guide you through the challenges and obstacles of an injury claim. When you sit down for a free consultation, you will feel supported and prioritized. You are not just another case to us — we want to help you get full and fair compensation.