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google Carlos Sandoval via google

Place is very professional; even if there is an issue they will take care of it immediately. One of the best in my eyes.

google Anthony Gonzalez via google

Great law firm, thank you to Will and the whole team for helping me out with my case!

google Geoffrey Koch via google

I was the victim of a horrible car accident that left me with facial injuries and a totalled car. Bish and Cutting and their whole team are amazing to work with and got me a fair settlement for the accident without even needing to go to trial.

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google DQ Magallon via google

Mindy is an exceptional Attorney. Has represented my family and never dissapointed us with her skilful and professional work. We are eternally grateful for all that she has done for us. Thank You Mindy!

google Michael Hilburn via google

They got my son a decent settlement

google Tina Mendoza via google

From the start Chad was willing on doing what it takes to get me the help I needed. He was patient and fought forr what we both believed was fair. I was very pleased with results!

google Shawn Smith via google

Chad was very prompt and professional while helping me with my case from beginning to when they settled it. Chad kept me up to speed step by step with my case, it was very organized which made things run smoothly. Very happy with this law firm on how they went above and beyond to help me. Highly recommend Bish law and the team.

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google Julian Herrera via google

At first i was unsure of the company. After reading some of the reviews it seemed like i was going to be screwed over in my case. However when i first spoke with chad, he explained every detail of my case to me in way where i could understand everything that was going on. Also he was very patient with me when problems started to arise from the case and was still helpful on handling my property damage as well

google Rachel Bingham via google

Have retained this firm on two different cases and was extremely satisfied with their services.

google Andrew Khabbaz via google

Great law firm they took care of me and my case and everything in between. Everyone has a great attitude and kept in contact throughout the whole process. Would definitely recommend coming here!!!

google Daniel Hernandez via google

I’m happy with help and representation I received from Bish & Cutting. They referred me for the medical help I needed after a car accident and was thankful for that. Chad, specifically, was very responsive to emails and always kept me up to date with my case. Would recommend their services.

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google Mary B Ackerman via

Experienced and professional.

google Shelia Winburn via google

The whole team played together every step of the way and won on my behalf.Thank you for making my pain less painful,bless you all.

google Bryttani McAtee via Avvo

I am thrilled with the representation Mindy and Stacey provided. They care and they fight for their clients.

google Claudia S. via Yelp

I was referred over to this law firm in which I dealt with Fahd Z Ali. I have to say I am thankful for his representation. He was great! He was patient, nice and on top of his job.I have never worked for this Law firm or know anyone personally who works there. I’m just thankful for the service provided to me.I am so bad with dates, times etc and his patience for me was A+I would definitely recommend this Firm! Thank you Fahd Ali! 🙂

google Lynn C via

I was assisted by Chad in the end. I appreciated his straight to the point the most. Love his sense of humor. Most of all his professionalism and follow up. Chad did not make promises he couldn’t keep. He settled my case quickly once it w as s assigned to him.

5 Karlie Manos via google

Amazing to work with, answered all questions, kept me informed and treated with kindness and compassion.  Highly recommend Bish & Cutting, APC,

5 Christina via Avvo

Stacey has been amazing at working on my case! She is so sweet and nice. It is always a pleasure speaking with her and her team when i call about my case. She has proven to be so trustworthy and reliable that goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. I have had a great experience working with Stacey Cutting at Bish & Cutting, APC!!!!

google James R. via Yelp

Mindy and her team KNOW how to get what you DESERVE.  From Gerry in the front office to Chad who settled my case they walk you through the process and hustle for what you rightfully deserve.I was in an accident that was not my fault and I was unable to work for several months.  What the other driver’s insurance company offered me as a settlement was insulting.  They didn’t take me seriously, they would take weeks to reply to my emails, they were making me jump through outrageous hoops to prove that I was unable to work.I reached out to the team at Bish & Cutting, APC and they assured me they would take care of me and they freakin did.  Chad handled my case and hustled his butt off for me.  He was easy to communicate with, responsive to emails and In a matter of weeks he got me the settlement I deserved.  The insurance companies know what’s coming for them when they see Bish & Cutting, APC.  Thanks to Chad, Gerry, Mindy and the whole team here!! I couldn’t be more thankful and relieved and will recommend them to anyone I know who finds themselves in a similar situation.

google Yvonne Stevens via google

I was referred to Bish & Cutting, APC through Larry H. Parker.  I wasn’t feeling too good about my case.  Bish & Cutting, APC took over and restored my confidence.  I actually had constant communication with them.  They listened and payed attention to the details and resolved my case quickly.  The staff was extremely kind and professional.  I am truly grateful.   To the entire staff at Bish & Cutting, APC, Thank you.

google anonymous via Avvo

Stacey is very professional. I would recommend her services to anyone in need of legal help.

google Samantha Z. via Yelp

I would recommend Mindy to anyone I know in need of a fantastic attorney!! She really cares about her clients, and fights for the settlement that they deserve.Mindy tells you as it is and doesn’t beat around the bush, which I love about her.The rest of her staff is amazing as well. They all seem very helpful and eager to listen and fight for me.Thanks again for everything, Mindy!

google Stacy Edwards via google

The team at Bish is great. They know their stuff (including the fine print of insurance policies) and they are very responsive. Chad would call me to make sure I understood every step of the process and always kept me updated. I highly recommend this firm if you need help navigating insurance and/or litigation (which unless you are an attorney in this field, you probably do) 🙂

google Kelly L via Yelp

Mindy helped me with 1 accident and my dad and me with 1 we had together – both accidents were 100% the other parties’ faults. Mindy was very good to work with, aggressive but not overbearing with the insurance companies, and very direct with us on what she expected. I am very happy with her service and professionalism and would recommend her to anyone!

google Sandra Koch via google

Mindy is passionate about winning cases and serving her clients.  She does not mince words, so if you do not want to be told the truth, go elsewhere.  Court is stressful, but having Mindy on my case I knew that I had the best representation any where.  I am incredibly grateful that Mindy was referred to me by a mutual friend.

google Nichole K. via Yelp

Bish & Cutting, APC represented me in my auto accident case.  I appreciated her direct honesty and timely responses to all of my questions.  She clearly explained the process so that I knew exactly what to expect and what was happening, as the case progressed.  Mindy and her staff were friendly and worked diligently to get me the best settlement possible.  I recommend Bish & Cutting, APC.

google Jamie Cogburn via google

Mindy is one of the best attorneys in California.  Mindy truly cares about her clients and goes above and beyond what even great attorneys do for their clients.  She truly gets to know her clients and advocates with passion.

google Devin C. via Yelp

Bish & Cutting, APC is top-notch!! I was in a “hit and run” car crash and the other driver was never found. My own insurance company tried to deny that I was hurt and Mindy and Stacey and their office fought tooth and nail until my insurance company paid out the policy limits. The entire office was diligent in working my case up and getting me the compensation that I deserved. I would recommend Mindy and Stacey to anyone and everyone that’s been involved in a car crash or has been injured in any way. They KNOW how to hold these insurance companies accountable and KNOW how to get their clients the settlements that they deserve.

google Dave Fletcher via google

This place working hard to get my settlement for a car accident that I almost died from and got me the money that I needed to recover from the devastation.

google Yvette D. via Yelp

Mindy is the kind of lawyer id hire every day of the week and twice on Sunday she didn’t allow the other side to push me around and keep stalling in this case. she made it very clear she wasn’t messing around. she was aggressive and that’s what I wanted in a lawyer. she fought for me and in the end we won. she was a straight shooter told me what to expect and I appreciated that . and when I needed updates she was quick to get back to me. her staff was amazing and very helpful when ever I needed to talk to them . I would recommend her to everyone you wanted some one to fight for them and win…. thank you Mindy and Staff at Bish & Cutting, APC you guys are tops in my book

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Bish & Cutting, APC helped me get the justice my case required I would highly recommend Mindy and her staff

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I was recommended to Bish & Cutting, APC from a friend who had been in a moto accident. He loved Mindy . We recommend Bish law. Mindy is very straight forward. She handled our case like a pro  and we settled. Thank you Mindy you came highly recommended. We really like a lawyer that is honest and says it how it is. I would use Mindy again and   We recommend Bish & Cutting, APC.

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google Sandra K. via Yelp

Mindy is passionate about winning cases and serving her clients.  She does not mince words, so if you do not want to be told the truth, go elsewhere.  Court is stressful, but having Mindy on my case I knew that I had the best representation any where.  I am incredibly grateful that Mindy was referred to me by a mutual friend.

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My PI case was referred to Mindy Bish from Larry H. Parker’s office. I wasn’t sure why at the time.   But now that the case has settled I’m very very happy I was referred to Mindy.  She took my call right away and took quite a bit of time with me informing me who she was and how she practiced the law as to Jury trials. She was very personable and answered any questions I had.  I had informed Mindy I would rather not go to trial and would rather try to settle.  We went to the MSC (Mandatory Settlement Conference) I gave Mindy what I had hoped to get as a settlement and she fought for me every step of the way.  She negotiated and got me my figure.  She also seemed to genuinely care.  I am very very happy with Mindy and would recommend her to anyone needing a personal injury Attorney.  Her staff was also professional, knowledgeable and communicated with me in a timely manner.  Thank you again Mindy Bish!!!!

google Steven D. via Yelp

I was lucky enough to deal with attorney Mindy Bish. She is truly a compassionate lawyer who fights hard for the clients.  If you need someone to actually fight for you, she’s the one.