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Medical Malpractice Attorney Fees

Afraid you can’t afford an attorney for a medical malpractice claim? Watch this video to learn more about medical malpractice attorney fees in California.
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How much does a medical malpractice claim cost?


The other day, a young man contacted our office about a possible medical malpractice claim that he believed he had against his doctor.Medical Malpractice Attorney FeesOne of the questions that he asked was, “How much do you charge? What do I have to pay an attorney to represent me in this case?” Most, virtually all, medical malpractice attorneys work on what’s called a contingency fee. What that means is you’re not going to take any money out of your pocket upfront. It means that we’ll take on the case, we investigate it, we litigate the case, and you don’t pay anything until there’s a resolution at the end, and that fee varies. In California, there are special rules that apply to the fees that a medical malpractice attorney can charge.

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