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Medical Malpractice Insurance Investigation

Are insurance companies calling you after a severe injury caused by a doctor? Watch this video to learn about the medical malpractice insurance investigation.
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Should I speak to the insurance company about my medical malpractice case?


The other day, a young man contacted our office. He believed that he was injured through his doctor’s malpractice.Medical Malpractice Insurance InvestigationThe doctor’s insurance company wanted to speak with him, and he contacted our office first and asked if I thought that he should give them a recorded statement. I explained to him that the insurance companies for the doctors are not interested in him; they don’t really care whether or not he’s been injured. Their whole job and purpose is to try and minimize the value of his claim and to try and defeat any sort of claim he might have. I explained to him that it is never wise or safe to speak with any insurance representative for the doctors.

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