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Pedestrian Injury Insurance Negotiations

Pedestrian injury insurance negotiations should only happen with an attorney. Watch this video to learn how the insurance company tries to trick you.
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Should I speak to the driver’s insurance company about my pedestrian injury?


A client called us who had been injured as a pedestrian. The incident was reported to the driver’s insurance company, and a representative from the insurance company called her and wanted to get her recorded statement. She was smart and called our office first and asked me if I thought it was a good idea.Pedestrian Injury Insurance Negotiations I explained to her that she should never give any type of recorded statement to any insurance representative without speaking to an attorney first. Quite often, those representatives will ask questions that are not completely clear, and that invite answers that will not be in your best interest to give. Always seek the advice of an attorney before giving any type of recorded statement to any insurance representative in a case where you have an injury claim.

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