3 Questions About Construction Accidents

3 Questions About Construction AccidentsA job site injury can leave you with a lot of questions, especially if you are trying to sort through complexities such as workers’ compensation and third-party liability. In this article, our experienced Newhall personal injury attorney answers 3 questions about construction accidents that will give you a better understanding of how these cases work in California.

3 Questions About Construction Accidents | What Benefits Can I Receive?

If you are employed on a construction site and you are injured during the course of that employment, typically you’re going to be covered by workers’ compensation which provides medical care, treatment, and lost wages if you were injured on the job. If you are not employed and you are injured on a construction site, it’s a little different. You need to seek medical care, but it will be beyond the scope of the workers’ compensation system, and you would really need to consult with an attorney about what benefits may be available to you.

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3 Questions About Construction Accidents | How Much Is My Case Worth?

The value of your case will depend on many factors. One is the gravity of the injury. A broken leg is different than a broken pinkie finger. Another thing that will affect the value of your claim is the extent of the injury. Will you recover from your injuries fully, or is it a life-long injury? How egregious was the conduct of your employer? Did the employer do something really horrible that injured you, or was this just a matter of somebody simply making a mistake? The amount of medical treatment you receive affects the value of your case. Whether or not you can return to your employment affects the value of your case. Some people need to be fully retrained and go into a completely different career because of their injuries. That will also affect the value of your case. Quite often, initially at the beginning, we cannot really tell the full value of your case. It takes time and the expertise of medical professionals to help us determine that.

3 Questions About Construction Accidents | Is Workers’ Comp My Only Source of Recover?

If you are an employer in the state of California and you have even one employee, you are required by the state to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This is insurance that covers employees that are injured on the job. If an employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance, then you would have a claim against your employer outside of the workers’ compensation system. Workers’ compensation will provide medical benefits such as care and treatment for your injuries, and it will also provide income for you for the time that you have to spend off work due to your injuries.

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