After a Truck Crash

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What are the steps in filing a truck injury claim?


I had a young lady come to my office after she had been hit by a commercial truck and she wanted to know what steps were needed for getting her claim started. First and foremost, it’s also always really important to consult with an attorney, especially one that’s highly skilled in this area. Those trucks these days quite often have little black boxes on them that record speed. There’s also driver’s logs that, quite often, the companies only retain the physical copies for 90 days. There’s information out there that you want to get as soon as possible before it gets destroyed.After a Truck crash An attorney can send letters and put those companies on notice that they need to retain that evidence for your claim. You want to gather as much documentation about the collision as you can. That includes taking photographs, getting the traffic collision report, and obtaining information on the trucking company that hit you. You also want to seek medical care as soon as possible and be sure to follow your doctor’s advice.

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