Bus Accident Recorded Statement

Bus Accident Recorded Statement

If you have been injured in a bus accident, you are most likely receiving calls from the bus company’s insurance carrier. Often, they are looking to obtain a recorded statement from you. Our experienced injury lawyers always advise you to never give a bus accident recorded statement, unless you have received legal guidance from your lawyer to do so.

Bus Accident Recorded Statement | Dealing with Insurance Companies

I recently spoke with a client that retained our firm, and he was involved in a bus crash. One of the questions that he had, and it was relatively early in his claim, was, “Is it alright if I speak to the insurance company representatives for the bus company?”  My answer to him was firm, and it was no. You don’t want to speak to someone who you don’t have to speak with, and that you’re under no legal obligations to speak with, in large part, because your words can be twisted to mean or asserted to mean something that you never meant in the first place. It’s important to refrain from speaking with any insurance representatives prior to hiring a lawyer as well as afterwards.

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Bus Accident Recorded Statement | Accepting a Settlement Offer

If you’ve been involved in a bus wreck and you are the recipient of a first offer to settle your case, a question that we encounter from clients is, “Should I accept this offer?”  As a general rule, I have found both in the legal context and in simple business negotiation context, that the first offer and acceptance of the first offer is not the best offer you can get. By which I mean it’s not a bad idea to counter and to see if you can get more compensation for your injuries.

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