Determining Car Crash Value

If you have been in an accident caused by the acts of a negligent driver, you are eligible to file a personal injury claim and receive compensation. Determining car crash value will be difficult without the help of an experienced Newhall car accident lawyer. To maximize the compensation you can receive, contact our office today to set up a free case review.

Determining Car Crash Value | How Much is My Claim Worth?

One of the first questions that we encounter with prospective new clients is, “How do I determine the value of my case?” It’s important to understand that, at the very outset of your case, things are a little murky and it’s not exactly clear what the value of your case is, in large part, because the extent of your injuries aren’t clear yet. There’s a correlation between the value of your case and the extent of your injuries, which really doesn’t become clear until several months or maybe even a year or two after treatment begins.

Another aspect in the value of your case is how long your injuries have lasted. Have they lasted for a finite period of time? Have you had them for a long time and you anticipate, according to doctors’ treatment, that your injuries will continue into the future or for the duration of your life? The question of “How do I determine my case value?” is multi-tiered, and never clear right at the beginning.

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Determining Car Crash Value | Insurance Companies

A question that I often get asked is, “Is it a good idea to speak to the insurance company after I’ve been involved in an incident or I have sustained an injury?” My answer is always no. The reason you retain a lawyer is because that lawyer, in many ways, becomes your voice in advocating to the insurance company and, if it gets that far, to a jury of your peers.

It’s never a good idea to speak to the insurance company unless and until you have to. We have found that any statements that are given prior to retention of a lawyer, or even after, can often be twisted and can be used to argue things that you never meant to assert in the first place. Were you or a loved one seriously injured after a motor vehicle wreck and have questions about dealing with insurance companies? Contact our California car injury lawyers at Bish & Cutting, APC today for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.