Different Types of Bus Injuries

Different Types of Bus InjuriesNot all bus-related personal injury cases that we handle at Bish & Cutting, APC have to do with collisions. There are several different types of bus injuries that will allow you to recover compensation. If you believe you have a claim, contact our office today to speak with our experienced California bus injury attorneys.

Different Types of Bus Injuries | Injured Getting On/Off the Bus

Sometimes collisions are not necessarily two vehicles crashing. There are some collisions that have to do with the bus itself. If you are injured on the bus, getting on or off the bus, you may have an injury claim. You are going to need an attorney to help you figure out all of the liable parties as there may be more than one.

Once we have determined the liable party or parties, you can pursue compensation. The way this work is that we make the claim through the liable party’s insurance. The insurance will then be our adversary in this process, and we will do everything in our power to keep them from bullying you out of a fair settlement. Because buses carry added insurance that car drivers don’t need, getting full compensation is more challenging than other motor vehicle crashes, but we are up for the fight.

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Different Types of Bus Injuries | How Our Attorneys Can Help

Hiring an attorney is not required but it is highly recommended. You don’t want to go after this on your own. You have not spent your education and professional career defending against negligent bus drivers and you don’t want to have to dedicate all of your time figuring out how to win a case and get the compensation you deserve when you could fall back on an experienced attorney to take your case and be your champion.

What we first can do for you is take over communication between the insurance adjuster and yourself. If they come calling for you, you can tell them to refer to our office for any questions they may have. We do this to one, protect you from their questioning. They will ask you about the events of the wreck and try to make you seem either at fault for the crash, or that you aren’t injured enough to get any compensation. That’s their job, to keep you from getting money. Our job is to make sure they do not succeed.

When they offer you a first settlement, we will help you determine if it is a fair offer or if they are low-balling you. More often than not, it will be far too low to get a fair settlement. What we do next is push them for a fair settlement. If we have to, we are willing and able to take this case to trial. Contact our office today to get started on your case.