Faulty Handrail Injury

Did you or a loved one suffer a faulty handrail injury? You may be able to recover compensation. Watch this video to learn about your rights.

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Do I have a claim if I fell because of a faulty handrail?


The other day I spoke with a client and he was injured as a result of a faulty handrail on some steps at a mall.Faulty Handrail Injury He was leaning on the handrail, and the handrail effectively gave way, causing him to sustain some pretty significant injuries. His first question was, “Do I have a claim?” The answer, in light of the information that he provided to us was yes. A landowner has a duty to all people on their land to ensure that their premises are safe.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured after a trip or fall and have questions about faulty handrail injuries?
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