Mistakes to Avoid After a Pedestrian Injury in California

Watch this video to learn about the mistakes to avoid after a pedestrian injury in California to ensure your rights are protected, and you maximize your recovery.

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What mistakes should I avoid after a pedestrian injury?


A young gentleman came into our office who’d been injured as a pedestrian, and he did not report the injury to authorities. That is one of the most common mistakes I see with pedestrian injuries. The collision occurs, the person gets up, goes to the doctor, but doesn’t report the collision to anyone. You always want to report the incident to the proper authorities. You always want to get as much information from the driver as you can including insurance information, license, and registration.You also want to seek medical care and treatment immediately. If possible, you want to try and photograph the car that hit you, along with your injuries as well. Often, people don’t think they’re going to be filing a lawsuit and they don’t think to do those things, and it can put you at a disadvantage when you don’t. Those are some of the most common mistakes that I see in pedestrian cases.

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