Partial Fault Pedestrian Crash

Were you involved in a partial fault pedestrian crash in Newhall? Even if the crash was partly your fault, you can still recover compensation. Learn more.

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Can I be partially at fault in a pedestrian crash?


A young lady was asking me if she could still file a claim, even though as a pedestrian, she may have been partially responsible for the collision between herself and a vehicle.Partial Fault Pedestrian Crash I explained to her that we have handled a case very similar like that in our office. A young lady stepped into a crosswalk to cross the street. The red hand was up, which indicated you shouldn’t cross. At the same time, we had a driver of a tractor trailer making a right-hand turn into the area where she was walking. When the police officer was deposed in that case, what he explained was that he put responsibility on both parties. In that scenario, even though my client shouldered some of the responsibility or fault for the collision and her injuries, the driver was also responsible. She still had a claim and she could still recover for that claim.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured by a motor vehicle while walking, running, or jogging and have questions about partial fault pedestrian crash?
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