Questions Regarding Dog Bites

Questions Regarding Dog BitesHave you been seriously injured by a dog in Los Angeles? Do you have questions regarding dog bites in California? Give this a read, and then contact our office for a free consultation.

Questions Regarding Dog Bites | What Do I Do After a Dog Bite?

There are several steps, the first of which is to do your best to alert the owner that an incident has occurred. It’s not a bad idea to try to take photographs of the dog, and the injuries that you believe are related to that attack as close in time to when the attack happened. It’s also not a bad idea to get animal control on the line and ask animal control to come down there. They’ll usually do a report, and that will indicate ownership of the dog.

Questions Regarding Dog Bites | Does a “Beware of Dog” Sign Affect Liability?

As a general matter, signs are important. Signs are significant facts in cases.

What we learned is that, even though there may have been a sign indicating beware of dog, some juries and some people can process that information to take it to mean that you had knowledge of that dog’s dangerous propensities. The mere existence of a sign indicating some sort of danger or warning does not mean that you do not have a claim. It’s important that you retain an experienced dog bite attorney as soon as possible to help guard and guide you through the process.

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Questions Regarding Dog Bites | What Injuries Are Common from Attacks?

In dealing with several dog bite cases at this law firm, we have learned that there are some injuries that are almost universal, by which I mean a lot of cases will see these kinds of injuries. Those injuries can range from lacerations that might necessitate stitches or staples, to orthopedic injuries. You may have been attacked by a dog and fallen as a result, or you may have been viciously pulled from a limb as the result of the attack. There can be the obvious injuries which would include cuts, scrapes, and bruises, all of which require medical attention. What we’ve also learned is that, after inflammation dies down, it’s not uncommon for a victim of a dog attack to also have orthopedic injuries.

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