Recoverable Personal Injury Damages

Have you been seriously injured to no fault of your own? We understand how upsetting it can be to get hurt and have to miss work while the medical bills keep on piling up. Here is what you need to know about your recoverable personal injury damages and how we can help you get them.

Recoverable Personal Injury Damages | Emotional Distress

Recoverable Personal Injury DamagesPart of any personal injury claim, in addition to the injuries themselves, is an emotional component, the human losses. What has this injury cost you emotionally? What has it done for your family, for your mental health, or for your self-esteem? To me, most times, that is actually a bigger claim than the injuries. It is also a much more difficult claim to prove because it’s not tangible and it’s very subjective. That is where a good lawyer and a good relationship with a lawyer that’s built on trust helps bolster that claim.

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Recoverable Personal Injury Damages | Medical Bills and More

If you’re injured in a motor wreck and you’re wondering what insurance companies look at to evaluate your claim, you’re not alone. Everybody is wondering that. There are simple and easy things that they look at. Those include medical bills for past treatment. It includes severity of the collision, severity of your injuries and also, written recommendations for future treatment. Obviously, if you need surgery going forward, that would increase the value of the case. If you have the surgery, that does increase the value of the case.

There are factors, also, that are much more difficult to prove to insurance companies, such as human losses. Those come through family members and how they see this injury affecting your life. It comes through co-workers, or people at church. In addition to medical bills or maybe loss of earnings (showing income statements that are decreasing because you can’t go to work) also consider witnesses who can testify about how your life has changed day to day.

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