Truck Injury Settlement Offers in California

Injured in a truck crash? Don’t settle for less than what you are owed. Watch this video to learn more about truck injury settlement offers in California.

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Should I accept a settlement offer from the insurance company for my truck crash?


I met with my client and he wanted to know if he should accept the trucking company’s offer on his case. He had been involved in a collision with a commercial trucking company and this was the first offer that the insurance company was making for his claim. I explained to him that, although it could be the insurance company’s best offer, in all likelihood, that is not the case.Truck injury Settlement Offers Most of the time, the first offer that comes from an insurance company for a trucking company is not the best offer, especially if that offer is coming early on in the claim or early on in the litigation. Quite often, what happens as litigation progresses and we discover and uncover more information about the company and their oversight, the value of the claim goes up. Generally, the first offer from a trucking company will not be the best offer and generally, it is my advice usually that you shouldn’t take it.

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