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Hiring a truck injury attorney to represent you is a crucial step in protecting your rights in California. Watch this video to learn more. Free consultation.

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How do I choose the best attorney for my truck injury claim?


A gentleman came to my office and wanted to know what he should consider when selecting an attorney for a collision that he was in with a commercial truck. Commercial trucks are different than regular trucks on the road, so when you’re involved in a collision with a commercial truck, different factors need to be taken into consideration. First of all, truck drivers of those big trucks are required to have a special license. They’re subject to a whole set of rules and regulations that the rest of us are not subject to. Additionally, trucking companies are also subject to a bunch of rules and regulations that they need to follow. Quite often, you find out during discovery in litigation that those companies do not actually follow the rules; they take a lot of shortcuts involving their equipment, the hours that their drivers spend on the road, and things like that. It’s important to pick an attorney that is familiar with the different rules and regulations that apply to commercial drivers and commercial trucking companies.

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Many times we get calls from people who are injured in truck accidents in other areas of the country. We are constantly looking for attorneys and online resources that can help people in other areas. We found a personal injury firm in Salt Lake City, UT that created a lot of great online resources. If you or a loved one are injured in a truck accident in Utah take a look at their online truck accident resources.