Truck Wreck Injury Claim

Injured in a trucking wreck? You can recover compensation. Watch this video to learn what’s important to know when filing a truck wreck injury claim.

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Are truck wreck claims different from car wrecks?


A young lady came to me after she’d been injured by a commercial truck. We were discussing her case, and I was explaining to her that being hit by a commercial vehicle is different in a lot of respects than being hit by somebody driving a regular car or truck. Some of the ways those cases are different is that, one, commercial vehicles are usually a lot bigger, heavier, and carry a lot more force when they hit you as opposed to a regular vehicle. Another way in which they’re different is that the drivers are professional drivers; they hold a Class A license, so they’re held to certain standards and rules that the rest of us aren’t obligated to follow. Trucking companies are also subject to a bunch of rules and regulations regarding the weight of their vehicles, the way that their vehicles have to be maintained, and inspections of those vehicles. Drivers have to keep logs. There is a whole host of different things that trucking companies have to adhere to under the law, and quite often, they don’t follow those rules or things get overlooked and it can really impact your case and the value of your case.

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