Receive Compensation for Construction Injuries

Receive Compensation for Construction InjuriesIf you have been hurt on a job site, you may be eligible to receive compensation for construction injuries. Before contacting our injury lawyers for a free consultation, read this helpful information on how you can recover damages you may have suffered.

Receive Compensation for Construction Injuries | Document the Accident

Before you can do anything to get compensation, you have to make sure that these injuries are documented. You absolutely should tell your boss right away about what happened. If they do not write it down, as them to. Ask for a copy of the injury report and keep that for your own records. This is very important. Make sure that you collect evidence through pictures and videos from the scene as that can be used. Lastly, most importantly, get to the doctor so they can thoroughly examine your injuries so that we know the full extent of them.

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Receive Compensation for Construction Injuries | Worker’s Compensation

The obstacle for injured workers is that you cannot bring a claim against your boss if you have workers’ compensation available to you. However, it is very common for these injuries to involve a third party. In these cases, you can bring a third-party injury claim against the negligence party. It is very similar to bringing an injury claim like someone would for a slip and fall or a car crash claim. It is a claim against the insurance of the liable party, and they will be responsible for your pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical bills.

If you are an injured worker and are relying on workers’ compensation to get you the money you need for your bills and lost wages, and your employer does not offer it, you might be worried. It is actually unlawful to not have workers’ compensation for construction workers. Your employer can get in a world of trouble if they do not provide you with workers’ compensation. It is also unlawful to knowingly withhold information about workers’ compensation and how you can get it. If for some reason, this is the case for you, call us immediately so that we can guide you through your next logical steps.

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